TopGear: USA 37 (S03E11) Türkçe

Sıra: 37 | Sezon: 3 | Bölüm: 11 | Yayın Tarihi: 26.02.2013

Taksi olmak için en uygun araç hangisi?

Taxi driving is essentially the most boring job in the world. For inspiration Tanner looks at the 2012 BMW M5 which he describes as the best taxi due to the fact that it is fast and can drift beautifully much to the annoyance of Adam and Rutledge, his passengers. However since the M5 costs $90,000 the guys compete to see who can design the most interesting taxi for less than a BMW M5. Tanner drives a highly modified Scion xB, which has been converted to rear wheel drive for drifting, Rutledge brings a 1984 Chevrolet El Camino with car seats mounted in the bed and Adam brings a Ford E350 Ambulance. They drive to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

  • Challenge 1: A Taxi should have Capacity and speed.. Each Taxi should race to a imaginary family, load them and their luggage into their Taxis and race back to the start line, Fastest Time wins. Adam manages to fit all family and luggage into his Ambu-Taxi istanbul eskord and completes the Course in 1:50. Rut’s El Camino manages to fit all family and luggage and due to its V8 motor completes the course in 1:10. Tanner’s Scion has to make two trips and does not carry all the luggage so completes the course in 2:43. Winner: Rutledge
  • Challenge 2: A Taxi should have comfort and stability. They must each carry five Las Vegas Drinking Cups three in the front and three in the passenger seat and complete a road course of slaloms, braking and road bumping. Adam’s AmbuTaxi saves four cups. Tanner’ Scion turns his go into a race and saves two cups. Due to Rut’s ElCamino being a convertible and his El Camino being unstable. he loses all five drinks. Winner: Adam
  • Final Challenge: Which one is most popular. The guys must each drive round town and see who receives the biggest tip. Tanner and Rut warn Adam not to use his Alarms otherwise its a federal offence. Adam’s AmbuTaxi’s three stops including some drunk passengers, a magician and his glamorous assistant and a Robert DeNiro lookalike. He gains a huge tip by using his alarms Tanner’s Scion’s three stops include three game nerds, two mexican women and some australian male dancers. He gains a huge tip by doing an enormous burnout. Rut’s ElCamino three stops include a couple, some exotic female dancers and some party girls. In the end they count up scores, Rut gets $55, Tanner gets $80 and Adam gets £140, however since Adam used his alarms Rut and Tanner disqualify him giving Tanner overall victory therefore concluding that the best Taxi is the modified Scion xB. Winner: Tanner

Reward: Tanner gets to drive the McLaren MP4-12C, firstly describing how it ticks all of the supercar boxes. He then describes how unlike any other supercar it rides beautifully. He then describes how it has mind blowing acceleration and is unbelievably fast due to 616hp. On a stretched out runway he achieves 0-60 in 3.0 seconds and achieves a beautiful drift throughout each corner. He then takes it to a racetrack where he find Rutledge and Nascar Legend Carl Edwards with his 920hp Ford Fusion 99. At first Rut and Carl mock the McLaren compared to the Fusion but Tanner challenges and they agree to a race. Initially due to the Launch Control and through the twisting corners the McLaren takes the lead but on the final lap due to 920hp the Fusion just beats the McLaren. Rut and Carl then change their minds and are blown away by the McLaren and both admit that it is a phenomenal car. Tanner concludes by saying that the McLaren is a Jekyl and Hyde car as it is comfortable, beautiful and well equipped but also underneath the exquisite exterior it is pure race car. He describes it as his favourite Supercar ever.


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