TopGear: USA 34 (S03E08) Türkçe

Sıra: 34 | Sezon: 3 | Bölüm: 8 | Yayın Tarihi: 05.02.2013

The hosts try to find America’s toughest car. The cars had to be at least 20 years old and cost no more than $2000. Rutledge chooses a 1990 Volvo 240 DL Estate, Adam drives a 1992 Chevrolet Caprice and Tanner brings a 1987 Toyota Corolla.

  • Challenge 1: Drag race. Tanner and Adam compete for the lead early while Rutledge lags behind. Adam’s Caprice eventually passes Tanner’s Corolla for the win, with Rutledge’s Volvo finishing far behind. Winner: Adam
  • Challenge 2: The presenters head to a shooting range to test their cars’ reliability and build quality.
    • Part 1: Each presenter gets to shoot the others’ cars three times with a shotgun in order to inflict as much damage as possible. Rutledge starts by shooting Adam’s Caprice in the rear door and quarter panel, while Tanner shoots out the windows. Adam shoots the body and windows of Rutledge’s Volvo, while Tanner shoots the driver’s door handle. Adam and Rutledge both shoot the body and windows of Tanner’s Corolla.
    • Part 2: Explosives are placed in the back seats of each of the cars, with the presenters testing to see which car drives the best afterwards. Rutledge’s Volvo’s leather interior melts, while Adam’s Caprice bursts into flames and needs to be put out by the fire crew. Tanner’s Corolla has its doors blown open by the explosion. All three of the cars start right up after the explosion, making the challenge a tie. Winner: Tie
  • Challenge 3: The cars are dropped from a crane from 15 feet in the air to simulate a 25 mph collision. The winner is the car with the least damage. The presenters each get to pick which side the car gets dropped onto. Tanner and Adam choose the passenger side, while Rutledge decides to drop his Volvo on its back, which causes it to fall forward onto its tires. All three of the cars start up and drive away, making the challenge a tie once again. Winner: Tie
  • Final Challenge: Off-road race course with obstacles and water hazards. The winner is the car that finishes the most laps of the course. To further test the cars, all of the oil is drained from each car prior to the race. Adam and Rutledge begin by smashing into Tanner’s Corolla, and Adam spins off the course immediately. Rutledge takes the lead but blows several of his tires, and Tanner passes him. Rutledge’s Volvo breaks down shortly after, leaving Tanner’s Corolla as the last car standing. Winner: Tanner
  • Reward: Tanner travels to a military base at Fort Campbell on the Kentucky/Tennessee border, testing the Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG to see if it has retained its military roots. Tanner must travel ten miles through a simulated war zone, pursued by a US Army strike team armed with a drone and helicopters, and must evade them before reaching a safe house. The drone and helicopters find Tanner within two miles, but Tanner loses them by driving through the woods. Four miles to the finish the team catches Tanner again and deploy armored trucks that begin to pursue him. Two more helicopters and a team of 28 ground troops join the chase, blocking off all roads in an attempt to lead Tanner into an ambush. Tanner drives right into the trap and is apprehended by the team. Despite losing the challenge, Tanner concludes that, while the G63 is more concerned with “bling” than durability, it still manages to handle military use.


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