TopGear: USA 32 (S03E06) Türkçe

Sıra: 32 | Sezon: 3 | Bölüm: 6 | Yayın Tarihi: 25.09.2012

In this episode, our hosts seek to explore the adage “there’s no vehicle on earth thougher than a rental car.” Rut, Tanner and Adam take on some of the more inhospitable terrain found in the United States in three rental car classics. The journey begins in the tourist Mecca of Monument Valley, Arizona. The hosts are tasked with travelling 130 miles, as the crow flies, to the off-roader’s paradise of Moab Utah, home to the most famous slick rock trails in the world. He who arrives with the least damage to their car wins – and there’s no damage waiver to save their butts.


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