TopGear: USA 29 (S03E03) Türkçe

Sıra: 29 | Sezon: 3 | Bölüm: 3 | Yayın Tarihi: 28.08.2012

Feature The boys have to choose one of their favourite cult classics. Adam choose a Cadillac Allante, Rutledge choose a Subaru SVX, and Tanner choose the Merkur XR4Ti.

  • Challenge 1: Test the claims of the marketed unique features.
    • Allante: Groundbreaking road sensing suspension. Adam has to drive 50 mph over a series of speed bumps with volatile cargo in the passenger seat. Half of the sixteen bottles of champagne survived.
    • XR4Ti: The height of German precision engineering. Tanner has to navigate through a makeshift racetrack with German brats and passengers in under 30 seconds. Tanner completes the course in exactly 30 seconds knocking over three pylons including the one moved closer together at the finish line.
    • SVX: Ability to drive in the rain with the windows down and not get wet. Rutledge has to drive two laps while following a 4,000 gallon water truck while wearing a suit made of sponges. Rutledge was mostly dry, but the car was very wet inside.
    • Results: Adam lost half his champagne. Rutledge was half wet. Tanner completed the course in the 30 seconds allotted. Winner: Tanner
  • Challenge 2: Sell the car in a live TV commercial.
    • SVX: Rutledge uses a smoke screen while dressed in a space suit and riding a Segway PT.
    • XR4Ti: Tanner drifts around a light pole and announcer then presents the car.
    • Allante: Adam dressed up in a tux and promises the world.
    • Results: Rutledge buys Tanner’s XR4Ti for $600. Winner: Tanner

Punishment Double Decker BMW “10 Series” (a 3 series welded to the top of a 7 series) at Irwindale Speedway. Rutledge chooses Dax Shepard as his co-driver while Sean Hayes goes with Adam. They race three laps of a head-to-head race.Results Rutledge and Dax win in the final lap.


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