TopGear: USA 25 (S02E15) Türkçe

Sıra: 25 | Sezon: 2 | Bölüm: 15 | Yayın Tarihi: 27.03.2012

Feature: The hosts are challenged with deciding the worst car in America. They are given $1,500 to buy a car for another host to determine which is the worst. Tanner purchases a 1977 Mustang II, to be driven by Adam. Adam purchases a 2001 Pontiac Aztek, to be driven by Rutledge. Rutledge purchases a 1988 Yugo GV, to be driven by Tanner.

  • Challenge 1: The hosts must drive their cars 60 miles to Willow Springs Raceway and compete in a race. The winner will be determined by the fastest lap time. Upon arrival they learn that it is an exotic car track day, meaning they will be racing their cars against the likes of Ferraris, Lamborghinis and other exotic cars. Rutledge goes off the track and is disqualified. Tanner’s Yugo loses its gas cap and is disqualified for leaking fuel on the track. Adam successfully completes his lap and is declared the winner of the challenge. Winner: Adam
  • Challenge 2: The three hosts defend their cars by performing some small challenges.
    • Mini-challenge 1: Tanner and Adam compete in a 60 foot race, with Adam driving his Mustang II and Tanner on foot. Winner: Tanner
    • Mini-challenge 2: Tanner is tasked with proving he can perform a J-turn in his Yugo while blindfolded. While he does almost roll the car, he is successful. Winner: Tanner
    • Mini-challenge 3: Rutledge is challenged to drive his Aztek up the side of a mountain. Rutledge makes it most of the way, but gets stuck near the top.
  • Challenge 3: For their final challenge the cars will be auctioned off, with the winner being determined by the car that sells for the most at the auction. Each host is given $1,000 to modify their cars in any way they see fit. Tanner adds some performance parts to his car, such as a roll-cage, racing seat, 5-point harness, and removes unnecessary weight in an effort to increase the Yugo’s performance. Adam adds a “Shelby-ish” paint job to his Mustang II (opting for silver and blue paint over the traditional white and blue). He also removes the II from the Mustang II badge and adds some interior modifications. Rutledge, in an effort to increase the Aztek’s off-road capabilities, adds a brush guard, externally mounted spare, large tires, and cuts out the wheel arches. Tanner’s Yugo sells for $600. Adam’s Mustang II originally sells for $1,000, based on Adam’s claim it was owned by Eric Clapton. After the auction it is shown Adam did not receive the full $1,000. Rutledge’s car sells for $4,100. At the conclusion of this challenge the Mustang II is declared to be the worst car in America. Winner: Rutledge

Review: Tanner travels to England to test the new Noble M600. Noble has not yet determined the top speed of the M600 and Tanner is tasked with determining the top speed of the vehicle. He races a Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera and an Audi R8 V10 in half-mile drag race. The M600 comes in first, beating the Superleggera in second and the R8 in third. Tanner then takes the M600 to an American Air Force base to determine the maximum top speed. Tanner drove the M600 to 215 MPH.

Tanner gives a generally favorable review of the M600. He praises the car for its large power to weight ratio and calls it “…one of the purest driving experiences around,” due to its lack of driver aids. At the conclusion of his review, Tanner states, “The M600 has proven itself to be a member of the supercar elite.”

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